Non-cloud Saves // Just Cause 3

About 3 months back, I reinstalled Windows 10 as I was having issues launching some games and thought it might be DirectX dependencies conflicting or something else equally fiddly to remedy. I don’t make a habit of checking every game’s saves to see if they are backed up somewhere, but my games are installed on separate drives to Windows. I did a fresh install of Windows on an SSD I had cleared up and kept my old installation of Windows where it was, so I could go and grab files afterwards. A large portion of games now use either Steam cloud or their own online save system, which conveniently avoids losing progress and (sometimes) settings after a reinstall. I was somewhat surprised to find that Just Cause 3 doesn’t do this.


Servers Shutdown // Nosgoth

As a habit I keep my large library of games installed and track updates as they come in via Steam. I thought I had noticed something about it before on, and sure enough today there was an “update” to Nosgoth. I checked the Steam news feed for the game and confirmed that it is closing down its servers today, ending the game.


Why I’m Playing // The Golf Club

The Golf Club - Substance Painter

  • I wanted to see how it plays
  • I hadn’t loaded it before
  • I felt like playing something relaxing, not too intense
  • It looked pretty
  • I don’t care much about real golf at all, but computer golf can be fun
  • I enjoyed the golf mini-game in GTAV, but it’s rather limited (one course) and not particularly authentic



A Taste Of // Evolve

Evolve is primarily a co-op first-person shooter, but with third-person brawling for the titular evolving monsters, who play solo against four hunters. Made by Turtle Rock Studios, responsible for Left 4 Dead, the gameplay bears some resemblance to it and its sequel, but is also discernably different. Evolve uses the...


CSGO Woes // Windows 10 and working again

I still don’t know what the root of the problem is but I’m thinking it has something to do with the DirectX dependencies that get installed along with the game. I upgraded to Windows 10 a couple of days ago and haven’t really encountered any problems as yet. Open Broadcaster...


CSGO Woes // Nevermind, It’s Broken Again

I had tried CSGO a couple of times in deathmatch and casual and it seemed to be working so I went ahead and bought the operation bloodhound pass for about $7cdn. I’m not in a huge rush to play more but I figure if I have the pass, at least...


CSGO Woes // Why is it working now?

I’ve been trying to get Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to work again. It’s the game on Steam I have recorded the most hours in but I haven’t been able to play it for probably nine months. After reinstalling Windows 8.1 it is currently loading. Next I need to install other things...


Dirt on the Lens // Next Car Game Screenshot Gallery

missed apex indeed

I have a lot of games I need to try out. As I do I’ll be creating galleries for each one. Today I loaded up Next Car Game, processed the screens and uploaded a gallery. Playing at 4K, the fidelity of the visuals is highly impressive and the physics – including brilliant levels of car and environmental damage modelling – are tremendously satisfying.

I also livestreamed the DayZ standalone for about an hour, although I haven’t gotten around to creating a screenshot gallery.