A Taste Of // Evolve

Evolve is primarily a co-op first-person shooter, but with third-person brawling for the titular evolving monsters, who play solo against four hunters.

Made by Turtle Rock Studios, responsible for Left 4 Dead, the gameplay bears some resemblance to it and its sequel, but is also discernably different.

Evolve uses the Cryengine, which is pretty, but much more demanding that the Source engine Left 4 Dead (and Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2 and a plethora of other games) uses. I find that Cryengine is a mixed bag of great looks but a somewhat syrupy feel to movement even at good frame rates. As such I keep Evolve restricted to 1080p, where it still looks excellent at maximum settings and eliminates any potential drop below 60fps that might put me off further.

There are a few different modes to choose from but the essence of the game is in the hunters vs the monster in an asymmetrical game of hide-and-seek-and-find-and-fight. In hunt mode the monster begins at stage one of three and must kill and eat wildlife (or hunters!) In order to evolve and become more powerful. Stage one monsters are vulnerable to hunters as the monster is at its fastest but weakest. Each time the monster evolves it gets tougher and gains another three ability points on top of the initial three the player assigns before the match begins.

The win/lose conditions in hunt are:
– The hunters kill the monster
– The monster kills all four hunters before any of them respawn
– The monster evolves to stage three and destroys the power generator
– The hunters prevent the monster destroying the power generator before the round time expires
-Wildlife kills off the monster or hunters

There is plenty more to get into but I think that’s enough for the moment.

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