CSGO Woes // Nevermind, It’s Broken Again

I had tried CSGO a couple of times in deathmatch and casual and it seemed to be working so I went ahead and bought the operation bloodhound pass for about $7cdn. I’m not in a huge rush to play more but I figure if I have the pass, at least I’ll have a reason to get back into it more.

I managed to load the game a few more times without a hitch and began working on some of the mission objectives. This was the situation for a couple of days I didn’t play a lot, but nothing out of the ordinary happened.

Suddenly I went to load up and play and *poof* it’s back to crashing within five second of my double-click on its entry in my Steam library.

So much for that. I’m not putting any effort into it again for while. I’m also considering selling off my custom skins, all of which are stattrak and one or two of which might be worth several dollars.

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