Servers Shutdown // Nosgoth

As a habit I keep my large library of games installed and track updates as they come in via Steam. I thought I had noticed something about it before on, and sure enough today there was an “update” to Nosgoth. I checked the Steam news feed for the game and confirmed that it is closing down its servers today, ending the game.

As such I’ve uninstalled the client and hidden the game in my library – I can’t see any reason to keep it installed if it isn’t functional. I never once loaded the game, so it seems a bit odd getting rid of it this way. It was free to play and so I’ve not lost anything as a result of not having tried it, but on the other hand, I’ll not get to play it to see if it was any good. If I had particularly wanted to, I suppose I already would have by now.

I’m not aware of how many people were playing and creating Nosgoth. Apparently it never left beta stage, but I imagine there were plenty of people disappointed with the closure. Likely some people had put significant time into playing and learning the game and there would have been a team of people working on the IP, who don’t get to see their efforts really pan out. I noticed it was being made by Psyonix, who also develop Rocket League, which is doing well for itself from what I can tell. I would hope that there are opportunities for Nosgoth staff to move to other projects.

The game shutting down doesn’t really affect me, so I don’t particularly have strong feeling about it, but it’s always a little uncomfortable seeing a gaming community forced to disperse because the game wasn’t quite successful enough.

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