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Railworks 2013 has a built-in editor, which displays the GPS coordinates of each quick drive location on a route. Using that information I have created Google Earth/Maps versions of each of the 24 routes I currently have for the simulator.

The routes I have can be broken down into UK routes (15), US routes (6) and mainland Europe routes (3).

If you wish to add the information to your own Google Earth/Maps you can do so by downloading and opening this .kmz file. It’s very small and contains all 24 routes in an organised structure.

Alternatively, the list below contains links to each of the territories as an overview, then each route in detail. The title will take you to a google maps version and below each is a .jpg, which you can view at the original size by clicking through. I may add more information to these later, but for now I am pleased to have created a resource I will find useful. Perhaps someone else will too.

Cologne – Dusseldorf Ruhr Sieg Line Seebergbahn
Cajon Pass Castle Rock Railroad Donner Pass Southern Pacific
Horseshoe Curve Northeast Corridor Sherman Hill
Bristol to Exeter East Coast Mainline Edinburgh to Glasgow
Falmouth Branch Line Great Western Mainline Hedborough North
London to Faversham High Speed London to Brighton Portsmouth Direct Line
Scottish East Coast Mainline (Just Trains) Settle to Carlisle Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway
The Woodhead Line West Coast Main Line North West of Scotland Line – The Port Road

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