I’m finally able to enjoy Forza Horizon 5. However I was originally running into a game-breaking problem. I play with a wireless Xbox controller and intermittently the game would put me in pause and tell me the controller had been disconnected.

I say intermittently since sometimes it would go most of a race without it happening, then it would happen over and over, making doing anything or going anywhere impossible.

I searched for other people with the same issue, but I couldn’t find anything that was helping. I was getting quite frustrated at being unable to play the game.

Eventually I was going to try software that would interface between a controller and the game. I had to choose which device I wanted it to interface with and it was showing my devices with a bar that lit up green when any input came from that device.

That’s when I noticed that there was intermittent input coming from my flight pedals, so I disconnected them and tried Forza again. Now it worked!

Well, it mostly worked, only occasionally claiming to be disconnected. I then also disconnected the throttle and stick. No more disconnect prompts from Forza.

Then I was left without being able to use my flight equipment and play Forza. It’s not as if I need those peripherals for a racing/driving game, but it’s also not an ideal solution.

To improve the situation I plugged all three flight controllers into a small USB hub and put that in the back of my keyboard. That way I don’t have to separately disconnect each one by reaching around the back of the PC.