Just Too Hard // Electronic Super Joy

Perhaps I’m just not doing something right. Perhaps I’m bad at it. Perhaps it just is too hard. One way or another I think I’ve had enough of Electronic Super Joy.

It’s a platformer which requires precise timing as you jump across the world from left to right. None of the levels are particularly easy, but I left off my previous session after trying to beat the first boss stage – in which your character is confined to a single screen-width – for more tham half an hour.

I had gotten all the card drops and grabbed the other two I needed for a few cents from the Steam market. I felt that before I crafted the badge for the game I ought to load it up and attempt the boss again or I’d be likely not to play it again for a long while, if at all.

Now I have just quit the game after more than three hours of play on that one stage without completing it. My impression is that the stage is ridiculously hard, since I was seemingly getting closer and closer to finishing, but a single mistake means you have to start again, the pattern is not always exactly the same for each iteration and there is no obvious indication how many times the boss – the Pope in a flying saucer that fires homing missiles – needs to be hit before one wins.

I could look up a guide and see if there is a strategy to use or something obvious I’m overlooking, but at this point I think I’ll cut my losses time-wise, craft the badge and move on.

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